New Song, "Heart On My Sleeve"

All 5 acoustic demos are now available here on the website for purchase as well as on bandcamp at !

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Chapter 1 Out Now!

Hi guys! Long time no talk, Chapter 1 of Plotline is out now on the shop page! I'm already working on Chapter 2, but this Chapter is called, "Dead Animated". If you've heard the song already, this was

Song 4 - "Manic"

This song I wrote during a manic episode, but also it is about a future scene in the comic :) Check it out on SoundCloud at or on the home page of the webs

New Song, "Two Faces"

Posted on the website and on SoundCloud! Lyrics: I'm so tired of being scared, it's so exhausting Anticipating fear, it's so depressing And I'm sitting in the passenger seat watching me trying to gras